MOST DEMANDING NLP LIVE's Mind Power & Magical Memory Workshop

How To Use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) To Master the Entire Expanse Of Our Brain And Unlock The Unlimited Mega Memory & Mind Control

Attend This Programme To Open The Gateway To Your Ulitimate Brain Potential, Mind Mapping Techniques, Behavioral Stability With Control Over Complex Problems Like Negativity | Distractions | Unbreakable Bad Habits | Boredom, Mind Blowing Memory Retention Techniques, Achieving Optimum Mind Control to stay In Pro-Active Zone

| See Your Child To Perform On the Spot |
Parents of Adolescent Children Come and See Your Child Learning on The Spot

Super Memory
Super Concentration (Synaesthesia)
Solve Academic Problems

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This Programme can be attended with your children (10yrs +) to see the magic of your and your child’s brain.

Who Can Attend This Programme?
Young Parents | Students Age 10yrs+ Compulsory Accompanied by Parents | Teachers

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DATE & TIMING:July 1, Wednesday Timing: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

In This Webinar You and Your Child Will Easily Discover

✔ Your Brain is capable of easily memorizing unlimited digits, formulae, learning and remembering long answers or concepts easily, infinite vocabulary, limitless data, maps, diagrams, history dates and events. In short access your unlimited brain hard disk

Mind Mapping is the most amazing graphic technique that a human mind can master and get long lasting transformational results across studies, business and home. It helps you connect full range of your cortical skills – words, images, numbers, logic, rhythm, color and spatial awareness – in a single uniquely powerful manner to achieve superior results

✔ You can easily control your mind to achieve relevant behavior for your stability & success, superior confidence and miraculous visualization techniques.

✔ It is easy to get rid of bad habits, boredom in studies, distractions, temptations, negativity, shy or aggressive behavior

✔ 120 ways in which students can model their study techniques to achieve extra-ordinary peaks in life.

✔ A small shift in your daily routine can open up a vast expanse of your or your child’s brain waiting to be utilized

✔ And so much more…

Mentor Profile

Mr. Sandeep Kumar
NLP Master Practitioner, Researcher on NLP Applied Fundamentals & Life Coach

NLP LIVE Mind & Memory Master Trainer with a specialization in training students and parents on Neuro Linguistic Programming with mastery in Mind Mapping Techniques.

He is instrumental since 2012 in helping human mind across major Indian Cities to realize and magnify its latent qualities and living upto Ultimate Human Potential!

Sandeep Kumar has been delivering lectures on NLP and Mind Mapping for last 8 Years and transforming thousands of human brains including students, parents, teachers, business men, professionals, homemakers etc.

Has been termed as ‘Final Destination’ by his students to get rid of all negative thoughts, phobias, unwanted habits, academic boredom or failure, lack of retention, lack of motivation, stress and low confidence. He is a Master Remedy Provider on all these problems.

All his seminars and workshops are completely based on NLP techniques.

He is a proficient speaker in English and Hindi

Mr. Sandeep Kumar

NLP Workshop - Defense Ministry's Wing(Government of India)

What People Say About Sandeep Kumar

  • " From Sandeep Sir’s first seminar in my institute in 2012 I realized I have got my solution to achieve superior academic results for my students. Thanks to him my institute has started achieving extra-ordinary exam result in 9th and 10th standard. "

    - Arvind Sehgal, Educationist, Bhopal

  • " I had almost started hating opening my books as it was difficult to come over my non-retention problem. Whatever I used to study I used to forget by end of day. I had developed exam phobia. Sandeep Sir has transformed my life and today I’m pursuing MBA in finance"

    - Abhishek Singh, Student, Delhi

  • " My selection in a leading Airline was all thanks to Sandeep Sir. Though all tests showed I had very high IQ level but when it came to implementation I failed time and again which was frustrating for me and more for my parents who always felt guilty even after being blessed with an ‘intelligent boy’. This transformation from a studies hating student to a leading airline middle manager is all thanks to Sandeep Sir’s Mind & Memory Seminar. Thank God I took that step of attending his seminar. "

    - Chirag Tomar, Student,Nasik.

  • " We two sisters were so shy and scared of speaking in public or even a small get together. Sandeep Sir has not only developed confidence in all aspects of our life but also managed to pull us up the academic curve. It seems we are using somebody else’s brain to achieve these unbelievable results"

    - Pranali , Student, Kolkata.

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